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Title: Purposes of Aviation News Links
Post by: SMAAC President on September 01, 2010, 02:43:26 PM
Aviation News Links is a service suggesting topics of general interest you may find useful. The links, at the times posted, are temporary web page addresses off-site.  If a link fails, please report to the Moderator.

If you would like to discuss a linked topic, we'd prefer your comments be posted at About Aviation News Links found above in Welcome ... , About SMAAC and reported to the Moderator after posting so an action can be considered, such as an E-News Letter story.

Please comment here, REPLY to this topic, about the linking service, not about the linked-to sites. We do not allow comments (Replies) about individual links elsewhere on the Aviation News Links section.

Go to the SMAAC Home page and use the SMAAC search to locate past SMAAC blog topics of interest. Your search there will possibly locate public announcements (Press Releases, white papers, reports, or past News Letter stories.

The SMAAC Forum Team