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Title: About Forums -- Key Topic Blogs
Post by: SMAAC President on January 06, 2011, 07:26:39 PM
About twice a year, SMAAC focuses attention on a particular public issue.  The current focus is Safe and Sound Use of MSP Runways..

The traditional format is a public program featuring a panel of experts presenting an issue from several points-of-view and, if possible, proposing a solution. A popular feature always is Questions -- from the audience --and Answers --by the panelists.  We alert citizens to a public debate. In 2010, we initiated a Virtual Forum, completely on line.
The Blog is used to organize the program and publicize the panel discussion in advance; and afterward, report what questions were asked and answered.  In addition to supplementing SMAAC News Letters and media coverage, the blog allows weeks of follow-up discussion.  We localize the political debate and clarify the alternatives. 

We are pleased to widen the meeting hall into cyberspace and expand time available for citizens' participation.  So read the Blog and add your 2 cents worth.

Reports of past SMAAC Forums are archived elsewhere on our web-site. Before 2010, Forums were featured in News Letters.  Because print limitations are no longer an issue, Forums since Summer 2010 will be archived as Forum Reports..   The archive format is a .pdf file that can be downloaded and printed.


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